Trainings & Events 2018:

NU SWIMRUN CLUB: The first swimrun club in Barcelona & Spain. The club is open for anyone, no matter previous experience or brands that you use. If you don’t have a partner you’ll find one in the community of the club. See the calendar for the next sessions.

Wild Coast Swimrun training camp – for Women by Women with Fanny Danckwart & Maria Rohman.

Camp #1: 15-18 March 2018 Barcelona /Maresme / Costa Brava   – SOLD OUT

Camp #2 12-15 April 2018 Barcelona / Maresme / Costa Brava  – Sold Out

It will be a fun girls’ weekend, but we also hope that the comfort of a group of likeminded women and coaches will help the participants to step out of their comfort zone, to challenge and believe in themselves. We aim to make the camps a kick-start for the season for performance, as well as inspiration, and that the participants will make a lot of new friends and, hopefully, new teammates!


Other services:

Personal sessions and guided training sessions can be arranged upon request for Barcelona, Maresme & Costa Brava all year round.

Equipment testing together with NU Complements


My Merits:


#2 MIX Costa Brava Swimrun, Sprint 21km +570m: 3:21:21

#1 Women’s Marnaton swimrun Cap de Creus 23km (18run + 5 swim) +960m: 2:56


#3 MIX Costa Brava Swimrun, 42km +1550m

#4 Women’s Ö till Ö series: Utö Swimrun, 42km, 5:18

#2 Women’s Ö till Ö Swimrun world championship: 75km 10:49h

#1 Women’s Marnaton swimrun Cap de Creus 23km (18run + 5 swim) +960m


#7 MIX Ö till Ö series: Utö Swimrun, 42km. 4.51h

#2 MIX L’Ultra Côte Vermeille Swimrun 65km, +2500m. 10.04h.