Training should be fun!

Hi there,

I’m Sarah, a Swede living between Barcelona & Costa Brava since 2006.

My goal is to make training a habit that you enjoy and don’t want to be without. I’m hard but fair and my sessions are equal parts of sweat and laughter. I truly believe that training should be fun and variation is a key for that.

I split my own training time between running, swimming, swimrun, functional training, yoga, horseback riding (when given the opportunity), and a lot of playtime with my Jack Russell terrier Milo. In 2016 I did my Swimrun debut and loved it from the first second. 1,5 year later I did Ö till Ö, the swimrun world championship and placed #2 in the Women’s category. For more info about Swimrun in Barcelona join our group on Facebook or send me an email.

Contact me for more information; wellbeingbysarah@gmail.com

Training CV:

Freelance personal trainer & coach

Coach @ Training camps:

ÖtillÖ swimrun training camp Croatia, May 2018

Wild Coast Swimrun camp, Costa Brava April 2018

Wild Coast Swimrun camp, Costa Brava March 2018

Ashi Trail Camp, Saldes 2017

3 Wellbeing weekends with Barcelona Conference group 2016 & 2017.


Personal Trainer @ Soho House Barcelona 2016-2017

House ride Team leader & Master instructor @ Soho House Barcelona 2017

Gonnafit Barcelona 2015



Physical Trainer, 200h Orthos, Barcelona, Spain. June – October 2014 (EREPS approved)

Personal Trainer 125h, Orthos, Barcelona, Spain, July – October 2014 (EREPS approved)

First Aid, 50h, Red Cross, Barcelona, Spain, August 2014

Functional Training 100h, ANEF, Barcelona Spain, October 2014- February 2015

Running Instructor Course, Vivobarefoot / Fit360, Barcelona, step 1 February 2015

Bullet proof runner, Born to Run Spain.  step 1 & 2 February 2017

Functional and corrective exercises for the knee by Héctor García (Certificación Oficial de Anatomía Funcional y ejercicio correctivo: La rodilla) – Abril 2017

Functional and corrective exercises for the foot & ankle by Héctor García (Certificación Oficial de Anatomía Funcional y ejercicio correctivo: Pie & Tobillo) 2017-2018 online

Exercise & breast cancer – Fundación IPEFC,  Instituto Profesional de Ejercicio Físico y Cáncer – ongoing.

Primal movement chains workshop / Stop chasing pain Perry Nickelston NYC January 2018

Yoga for Athletes with Tiffany Cruikshank. London September 2018.



Race results: I don’t race a lot and when I do my main goal is the experience. I choose races based on the location and surroundings. Getting a good time and position is always a +…  😉


Barcelona city half marathon: 1.40:22

Ultra Trail Collserola, La Popular 23km +900m: 2:31:15 (7th woman)


Costa Brava Swimrun, Sprint 21km +570m: 3:21:21 (2nd place mixed)

Trail Cap de Creus 23km, +1200m: 3:07:03 (21st woman)

Midnight trail Collserola 15km, +650m: 1:22:57 (7th woman)

Marnaton swimrun Cap de Creus 23km (18run + 5 swim) +960m: 2:56 (1st place women’s)


Costa Brava Swimrun, 42km +1550m  (3rd place mixed)

Ö till Ö series: Utö Swimrun, 42km, 5:18 (4th place Women’s)

Trail fonts de Montseny 30km +1928m: 4:38 (7th woman)

Ö till Ö Swimrun world championship: 75km 10:49h (2nd place Women’s)


#7 MIX Ö till Ö series: Utö Swimrun, 42km. 4.51h

#2 MIX L’Ultra Côte Vermeille Swimrun 65km, +2500m. 10.04h.

podium otillo
second place otillo 2017





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