Let’s get started!


Hi, I’m Sarah, your Personal Trainer in Barcelona, Costa Brava & L’Empordà!

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I am specialized in functional training, both for getting in shape and for performance, running technique, CORE, mobility and yoga for athletes. I do individual sessions  (1:1), duo and small groups as well as fitness solutions for companies.    I aim for long lasting results where training becomes a natural part of your life, a part that is fun and that you truly enjoy.

With the mix of functional training, core and mobility I’ve helped many clients to recover from back pain, injuries and pregnancy, as well as losing weight, improving physique, improving running technique and performance. See the complete list of services. No matter your goals or how hard you have to push I believe that you should be able to enjoy and have fun while exercising and promise a lot of laughs along the way.

I’m co-founder and head coach of NU SWIMRUN CLUB, the first swimrun club in Spain. In 2017 I placed 2nd at ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Championship (Women’s) and I’ll race again this year but in mix.

I also organize swimrun training camps in Costa Brava and coach on camps in Spain & Europe. See full CV

Are you visiting Barcelona or Costa Brava and would like to do a beach workout, go for a run or swimrun? Or would you like to set up a training camp in the area? I’d love to help – please contact me for more info.


I hold an EREPS* approved Personal Trainer certification, I am registered in the Catalan register of sports professionals (ROPE) and I hold the required insurance that trainers must have in Spain.






2 thoughts on “Let’s get started!

  1. Patrick

    Hi sarah!
    This saturday i’m arriving in Barcelona. I’m staying for one week and i will like to train with you in the city.
    Is that possible?

    Like to hear!


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