More information about 1:1 sesions & small group training

small group beach training
Small group training at the beach in Barcelona

Independently if you opt for 1:1 sessions or small group training with me I will always help you to reach your goals in order to be the best you can be. For both options you will always get:

  • Personal attention
  • Training sessions created for you based on your goals, your body and your possibilities. Generic programs do not fit all!
  • Varied workouts = Funnier workouts! With me you will be able to learn and use more and different exercises as well as getting new challenges, both for short and long-term in order to stay motivated while working towards your goals
  • Safer and more efficient workouts since I will make sure you use proper form and technique
  • Support and help to build good habits

Also, the following advantages applies for both options:

  • No gym or membership fees, you only pay for a service that you actually will use
  • Maximise your time; the sessions are held according to your schedule and not the other way around, you decide day and time! Also, you won’t have to think or plan what to train and which exercise, nor coming to the gym not knowing what to do. With me you just have to show up as agreed, I’ll take care of the rest.
  • Having a trainer supporting you and a personal program to follow increase the possibilities to make training a habit and to be consistent, which equals better results
  • Avoid hitting the plateau. Same workouts will help you maintain your fitness level but after a while you won´t make any strength or muscle gains.


Why only (up to) 6 people in the groups?

I have decided to put a limit of maximum 6 participants per small group session because I want to keep it personal and be able to give the best personal attention to everyone that’s attending. You’ll be able to learn proper technique and form which will make your training safer (avoid injuries) and more efficient (=better and faster results!).

Keeping it small also allows me to truly adapt the exercises and intensity to each individual (once again =better and faster results!). Especially proper form is really important to me and I am not one of those trainers that will sacrifice form for more reps or exercises with a higher difficulty before you’re prepared for it.

For more information please leave a comment or email

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