Train during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Start or end your days in Barcelona with a run or workout outdoors in this lovely city! Take the opportunity to see something else than the congress area and the tourist spots, I’ll show you hidden secrets while you get a chance to relax your mind.

For Saturday & Sunday morning runs we meet at 8:00 / 8AM at Plaza de la Catedral and we’ll do aprox 10km. Forget about maps, gps and getting lost, I’ll show you the way so you can focus on running and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

If you can’t make it in the morning come and join us for the evening runs from Lambicus,, there will be one every day between the 19th – 25th. You can see the schedule here:

Price 8€
Please confirm you assistance by leaving a comment or sending an email to

If you want to run or do a full-body workout or bootcamp at another time let me know and I’ll arrange it!

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Schedule for morning workouts

morning workout

Each week I host a couple of open small group workouts that everyone can join and try. We train at the beach or in Cituadella, mostly mornings but every now and then in the evening. For the complete information about hours and meeting points please subscribe to the events on my facebook page.

Does the hours not suit you or do you want to train with a group of friends? Get in touch and we’ll work something out!

Hope to see you soon 🙂

More information about 1:1 sesions & small group training

small group beach training
Small group training at the beach in Barcelona

Independently if you opt for 1:1 sessions or small group training with me I will always help you to reach your goals in order to be the best you can be. For both options you will always get:

  • Personal attention
  • Training sessions created for you based on your goals, your body and your possibilities. Generic programs do not fit all!
  • Varied workouts = Funnier workouts! With me you will be able to learn and use more and different exercises as well as getting new challenges, both for short and long-term in order to stay motivated while working towards your goals
  • Safer and more efficient workouts since I will make sure you use proper form and technique
  • Support and help to build good habits

Also, the following advantages applies for both options:

  • No gym or membership fees, you only pay for a service that you actually will use
  • Maximise your time; the sessions are held according to your schedule and not the other way around, you decide day and time! Also, you won’t have to think or plan what to train and which exercise, nor coming to the gym not knowing what to do. With me you just have to show up as agreed, I’ll take care of the rest.
  • Having a trainer supporting you and a personal program to follow increase the possibilities to make training a habit and to be consistent, which equals better results
  • Avoid hitting the plateau. Same workouts will help you maintain your fitness level but after a while you won´t make any strength or muscle gains.


Why only (up to) 6 people in the groups?

I have decided to put a limit of maximum 6 participants per small group session because I want to keep it personal and be able to give the best personal attention to everyone that’s attending. You’ll be able to learn proper technique and form which will make your training safer (avoid injuries) and more efficient (=better and faster results!).

Keeping it small also allows me to truly adapt the exercises and intensity to each individual (once again =better and faster results!). Especially proper form is really important to me and I am not one of those trainers that will sacrifice form for more reps or exercises with a higher difficulty before you’re prepared for it.

For more information please leave a comment or email

Corporate Wellness: Happy & healthy employees = better employees

Stretching session with Envol Cycling from Sweden.
Stretching session with Envol Cycling from Sweden.

Why should you consider training sessions for your employees? To put it simply; Happy & healthy employees = better employees The benefits for your company are numerous, both short- and long-term. Healthy employees will lead to reduce healthcare costs, but most important your employees will be more productive, more creative and overall happier and therefore better workers. Training together will make your employees feel better as individuals as well as a team, resulting in an improved work ambient. I promote outdoor training since sunlight and the fresh air will increase the energy levels and the possibilities to de-stress and release tension through sweat and laughter. A short resume of possible outcomes:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved performance (individual and as a team)
  • Improved teamwork
  • Better work ambient
  • Reduced negative stress
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Less work absence

Options for getting started:

  • Conference activity: Try a workout for your next conference. The workout can act as an icebreaker as well as team building activity.
  • Scheduled workouts during working hours: the employees get a break to de-stress, release tension while improving their physique and obtain energy for the rest of the day.
  • Scheduled, but optional workouts before or after work or conferences: As the employee you take the initiative to promote the activities to your employees, but they decide themselves if they wish to attend or not.
  • Office workout: I’ll show your employees how to build and maintain core strength as well as stretching at the office in order to keep a good posture and avoid lower back, shoulder and neck pain and other common “office injuries”.

Do you need more reasons? Check out this article from FORBES For more information please email

Your Personal Trainer in English, Español & Svenska

Hi, I’m Sarah, your Personal Trainer in Barcelona. I hold an EREPS approved Personal Trainer certification and I have specialized in functional training, bodyweight training, running, core strength, mobility and stretching. The sessions can be held in English, Spanish or Swedish. We train 1:1 (personal training) or in small groups and we train outdoors, at your place or at the studio that I share with some colleagues in the city centre. I aim to schedule at least 2 open group trainings per week but you can also create a closed group with your friends. For weekly details see my Facebook.

Train with me to

  • improve your health
  • improve your physique
  • lose or gain weight
  • improve your running performance
  • prevent injuries
  • learn how to fuel and nourish your body
  • and most of all, enjoy your body and have fun!

I work with clients living in Barcelona and people who visit this amazing city, offering individual session where I show you the city while training. I can also help you to organize and enjoy training holidays in Barcelona, for private and corporate clients. You can read more about me and my qualifications here.

Contact me for more information;

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Bootcamp & löpning i små grupper med svensk tränare i Barcelona!

Jag har fått några förfrågningar angående gruppträning / bootcamps /löpning i små grupper (4-6 personer) som hålls på svenska (eller engelska) men vi skulle behöva bli några till för att kunna komma igång. Att träna i en mindre grupp är ett prisvänligare alternativ till privat PT men det innebär fortfarande personligt bemötande med individuell anpassning av övningar och nivåer. Det är också ett utmärkt sätt att lära känna nya vänner (eller en ny aktivitet med kompisgänget istället för att fika 😉 ).  Jag är personlig tränare (med europeisk certifiering) med vidareutbildning inom funktionell träning och löpning.

Vill du vara med? Lämna en kommentar eller maila med önskemål av träningstyp, och dag(ar) och tid(er) som passar dig så återkommer jag så fort som möjligt. Då vi börjar från början så har vi alla möjligheter på vår sida 🙂

Vegan Paleo Risotto

The only thing that I had in mind before starting to cook was turmeric cauliflower rice. However, I had a quick look around in the kitchen and found some leftover veggies that I decided to add and voila, I ended up with this amazing plate that (kind of) looks like risotto, just that there’s no rice in it… 😛

For 2 people as main course or for 4 if served as a side dish.

Takes about 30 minutes to make from scratch to the table.

You need:

  • 1 leek (chopped)
  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 300 grams of mushrooms (chopped)
  • 2 Celery stalks (optional) (chopped)
  • 1 cup of (vegetable) broth (Aprox)
  • 1 small cauliflower head (grated)
  • Spices (I used turmeric, curry, ginger and salt)
  • Fresh coriander
  • Fresh grated ginger
  • Dates

Put the leek and onion to sauté in a skillet. I normally add some coconut oil but that’s optional. When they start to get tender add the mushrooms, celery and a part of the broth. Let it cook under a cover until the broth almost gets soaked up, and then add the grated cauliflower, the spices and the rest of the broth. Cover for some more minutes before adding the coriander, ginger and dates. Leave for another 2-3 minutes before serving.

Träningsresor till Barcelona / PT på semestern

Vad sägs om en semester där storstadspulsen kombineras med personligt utformade och unika träningsupplevelser? Tillsammans med mig njuter du av träningsglädje och utvecklas som idrottare i solen, sida vid sida med Medelhavet.

Tack vare mitt breda nätverk av kontakter så kan jag hjälpa till med allt från boende och transport till lösa träningspass för er som redan har bokat allt annat. Kom med träningskompisar, familj eller vänner; med Barcelona som bas spelar det inte någon roll om ditt resesällskap inte delar ditt träningsintresse då det finns oändligt med aktiviteter för alla intressen och åldrar.

Jag är på plats och är tillgänglig året runt och inte bara på bestämda veckor. Ni bestämmer själv antal dagar och träningspass och om du vill tar jag hand om alla detaljer så som boende, transport, tilläggsförsäkringar, material mm så att ni kan fokusera på att träna, njuta, ha kul och må bra!

Förutom mina träningstjänster (som ni kan läsa mer om här) så finns det också möjlighet till följande aktiviteter på engelska: havssimning, cykling, löpning, trail running, yoga, pilates, kettlebells, SUP och surf!

För mer information skriv till

Lazy banana pancakes

lazy banana pancakes
lazy banana pancakes

Breakfast for Champions! This is one of my favorite post-workout meals because it’s delicious, yet only takes 5 minutes to make. The lazy version of banana pancakes is nothing but scrambled banana eggs, here topped with coconut chips, mango and blueberries.For one hungry / hangry person mix 1 banana with 2 eggs, and scramble it in coconut oil. Eat it plain or with topping of your choise.